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If your child is leaving Preschool at the end of the Summer Term term notice needs to be given in writing by  Friday  27th May 2022





Summer Term 2022

Term dates

Children start back                                   Tuesday 19th April 2022.

Bank holiday Preschool closed                Monday 2nd May 2022

Preschool closed staff bereavement       Tuesday 10th May 2022

Half -Term                                 Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd   June 2022

Summer Term ends                                 Wednesday 20th July at 12pm

Summer Term starts on                           Monday 5th September 2022



Dates for the Diary 

  • Easter egg hunt 19th April 2022
  • Queens jubilee garden lunch Wednesday 8th June at 12pm parents welcome
  • Parent Consultation Mornings w/c 4thth July 2022
  • Visit to Gray’s farm pick your own fruit date to be confirmed
  • Farm visit to be held at Rectory Lane Nursery date to be confirmed
  • Graduation Event Wednesday 20th July 2022 to be held at Rectory Lane nursery 12pm finish for all children  


We use a Staff Buddy System for when your child’s keyworker is occasionally unavailable to speak to. In this situation, please speak to their buddy or to Carol or Kirsty who will pass on any messages or information.  These are the keyworkers and their buddies.

Kirsty - buddy is Nicole

Ellie – buddy is Ella

Nicole – buddy is Kirsty

Ella – buddy is Ellie

Lily -buddy Ella 



The topics of learning & songs for this Summer Term are:


                                    Theme                                 Song

19/04/2022-               Easter                                  Hop Little Bunnies

25/04/2022-               Earth Day                             5 Green Bottles       

02/05/2022-               Eid ul Fitr                             Wind the Bobbin Up

09/05/2022-               Super-heroes Week               The Superhero song

16/05/2022-               Gardening Week                   5 Little Peas

23/05/2022-               Africa Day                            Leo the Lion


06/06/2022-               Queen’s Jubilee                   There was a Princess                                                                                Long Ago

13/06/2022-               Ocean Week                        Bubble, Bubble,

                                                                          Bubble, Pop

20/06/2022-               Make Music Week                I am the Music Man

27/06/2022-               Life Skills Week                   Here we go round the                                                                             mulberry bush

04/07/2022-               Teddy Bears Picnic              Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

11/07/2022-               Me & My Family Week         Head, shoulders, knees                                                                             and toes

18/07/2022-               Off to School!














If your child is not attending pre-school on their set day for whatever reason could you please notify us by 9.30 am or 12:15pm for afternoon sessions, so that we can mark the register accordingly. If we do not hear from you, the key workers will ring you. If texting/email is easier the Pre-school mobile number is 07729928393.

Drop off - Parents of those children already attending, please continue to queue up the ramp. Please allow your child to enter on their own as they have already developed their independence. New children may enter with one parent/carer, until they are confident to enter independently.  Please help your child to settle and say goodbye to them and exit the way you came in. Please be patient when queuing to enter as we are limiting the number of people in the building. Temperatures of children will continue to be taken on arrival as will the hand washing routine.


Pick up Please queue up the ramp maintaining whereby you will collect your child from the top of the ramp. Children will be sitting with their items, ready to be collected. This is where you will sign any nappy/ accident/ medical forms. If you would like to speak to your child’s key worker, please let the member of staff know at the door and they will let your child’s key worker know and to come outside to chat with you


We are pleased to announce you are able to purchase clothing with our logo direct from: :

Information leaflets are in the parent area, uniform is optional.

Mobile phones

Please can all parents carers and anyone accompanying parents do not use your mobile phone after entering the gate. Do not enter the gate until you have finished your call, and please do not take any calls until you are out of the gates.


Please like The Rowans Preschool page on Facebook we will post relevant information and reminders on there.


Please do not put your child in their ‘best clothes’ to come to pre-school as a child gets most out of their learning experience when they are allowed to get messy. The ideal clothing is tops, trousers/jogging bottoms and closed in footwear that enables children to be able to run, jump etc; please note that as some activities involve the removal of shoes, can children please wear socks. We request that the children wear shoes that have Velcro fastening. Also can you please ensure that your child has a coat etc on their peg (we do go out to play in all weathers).   A bag with a spare set of clothes on their peg is also useful in case they get wet through play or have a toileting accident. If your child comes into pre-school wearing wellington boots, can they please bring a pair of shoes to change into.

If your child has pierced ears, can you ensure that they only wear small studs to school; there has been evidence lately in other schools, where children who wear other kinds of earrings have had accidents to the ear lobe, when the earrings have been caught on clothing.

Food, Drink and Medication.

Please do not put food and drink in your child’s bag or sweets in their pockets. It is unfair on the other children and there are many children in pre school with intolerances and allergies. Any medication or packed lunches must be handed to a member of staff on arrival. 

Pre school Policies

It is important that you read and contribute to policies of the setting. These policies are regularly reviewed and a folder containing them all is available for all parents to read. If you are unsure about anything contained in them, please do not hesitate to ask questions.  They are also available to read on this website.

Parents as Partners

As part of our Parents as Partners initiative we would ask that all parents contribute to your child’s Learning Journey with photographs and comments. Also when you go on a visit to theme parks, farms etc can you please bring in a leaflet, which can be placed in their child’s learning journey, so that your child’s key worker can talk about it with them. We are also here for you, if you feel you need to talk to us. We can always make time for you.


If you change your address, telephone or mobile telephone number please remember to let us know so that we can keep the emergency contact details for your child up-to-date.   We also are required by the local education authority to notify them of any change of address.



The Preschool telephone number is 07729928393