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Calendar and News

If your child is leaving Preschool at the end of the Autumn Term notice needs to be given in writing by Friday 16th November 2018

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Term dates

Existing children start back        Thursday 6th september 2018

New children staggered start     From Monday 10th September 2018                                

Half-Term                                Monday  22 October to Friday 26th                                              

Term Ends                               Thursday  20th December 2018   

Spring term starts on  Monday 7th January 2019  


 Dates for the Dairy

Friday 19th October Drive in Movie day

week commencing 10th December children's progress meetings appointments will be given out nearer the time.

Thursday 20th December Christmas Show.

Chatterbox Colours & Rhymes at Group Time

Autumn Term (1st half) 2018



10/09 Blue            Wind the Bobbin Up


17/09 Red            Humpty Dumpty                      


24/09 Pink            Round & Round the Garden 


01/10 Yellow          Here is the Beehive


08/10 Brown         Two Little Dickie Birds                                                        


15/10 Purple         Open Shut Them     

Chatterbox Colours & Rhyme at Group Time

Autumn Term (2nd half) 2018 



29/10 Black               Baa Baa Black Sheep        


05/11 Silver            Twinkle Twinkle                 


12/11 White             Little Peter Rabbit                


19/110Green              Tiny Turtle                         


26/11Orange          Leo the Lion


 03/12 Grey             5 Little Men in their Flying Saucer       


 10/12 Gold             Grand Old Duke                 





If your child is not attending pre-school on their set day for whatever reason could you please notify us by 9.30 am or 12:15pm for afternoon sessions, so that we can mark the register accordingly. If we do not hear from you, the key workers will ring you. If texting/email is easier the Pre-school mobile number is 07729928393.

Just a reminder that Preschool starts at 9:15am and 12:15 pm. Please be ready with your child outside, for when the doors open at this time. After arriving, the children sit with a member of staff for Group-time. All staff members have a group of children. If children are late arriving at nursery, then they miss out on a valuable experience for their learning development. It is also disruptive for the other children, when their story is interrupted. We appreciate that in exceptional circumstances, being late is unavoidable and would be grateful if you could let us know, if this is going to happen.


We are pleased to announce you are able to purchase clothing with our logo direct from: : . Information leaflets are in the parent area, uniform is optional.

Mobile phones

Please can all parents carers and anyone accompanying parents do not use your mobile phone after entering the gate. Do not enter the gate until you have finished your call, and please do not take any calls until you are out of the gates.


Please like The Rowans Preschool page on Facebook we will post relevant information and reminders on there.


The idea of the chatterbox is that, it stays at pre-school and your child brings items to put into it, so that we can talk about them.  We will also be giving your child challenges to find things at home to put in it.  Watch the notice board for details of the week’s challenge. We also put the challenge on our facebook page weekly. If your child does not yet have a chatterbox, we will give you the materials to make one with your child.


Please do not put your child in their ‘best clothes’ to come to pre-school as a child gets most out of their learning experience when they are allowed to get messy. The ideal clothing is tops, trousers/jogging bottoms and closed in footwear that enables children to be able to run, jump etc; please note that as some activities involve the removal of shoes, can children please wear socks. We request that the children wear shoes that have Velcro fastening. Also can you please ensure that your child has a coat etc on their peg (we do go out to play in all weathers).   A bag with a spare set of clothes on their peg is also useful in case they get wet through play or have a toileting accident. If your child comes into pre-school wearing wellington boots, can they please bring a pair of shoes to change into.

If your child has pierced ears, can you ensure that they only wear small studs to school; there has been evidence lately in other schools, where children who wear other kinds of earrings have had accidents to the ear lobe, when the earrings have been caught on clothing.

Food, Drink and Medication.

Please do not put food and drink in your child’s bag or sweets in their pockets. It is unfair on the other children and there are many children in pre school with intolerances and allergies. Any medication or packed lunches must be handed to a member of staff on arrival. 

Pre school Policies

It is important that you read and contribute to policies of the setting. These policies are regularly reviewed and a folder containing them all is available for all parents to read. If you are unsure about anything contained in them, please do not hesitate to ask questions.  They are also available to read on this website.

Parents as Partners

As part of our Parents as Partners initiative we would ask that all parents contribute to your child’s Learning Journey with photographs and comments. Also when you go on a visit to theme parks, farms etc can you please bring in a leaflet, which can be placed in their child’s learning journey, so that your child’s key worker can talk about it with them. We are also here for you, if you feel you need to talk to us. We can always make time for you.

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Ollie Owl is The Rowans Pre School’s mascot and enjoys going home with the children or going with them on trips. All the children will get the chance to take him home at some point this term.


If you change your address, telephone or mobile telephone number please remember to let us know so that we can keep the emergency contact details for your child up-to-date.   We also are required by the local education authority to notify them of any change of address.



The Preschool telephone number is 07729928393