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Dear Carol and Team

Thank you for your support and for all you have done for both our girls over the last 3 1/2 years. We will miss seeing you everyday and hopefully when A is 2 he can join your crew at the Rowans. Best wishes love 

K and P B july 2021

Dear Carol and team

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for you and your wonderful team at the Rowans preschool. In the most challenging of years you have made the safest and most welcoming environment possible for the children and thier families. Watching A flourish and grow has been such a joy, and The Rowans has been a massive part of his journey. we will always fondly remember and cherish the time he had at preschool. Thank you so much for all your support,care and love 

A, C and JC July 2021

Dear all

Thank you for everything you have done for us. It has been the hardest year any teacher has ever had. But you have been amazing all the way through, so thank you. C is the little girl she is today becuase of the commitment you all show to everyone, and we think thats amazing and cannot thank you enough. 

S and MW July 2021

Thank you for all your help with my G. She has grown and achieved in ieaps and bounds since she has been attending the Preschool. I can't thank you enough for all your hard work and patience during her time here. She has become her very own little independant lady with lovely manners. You will be truly missed.

lots of Love VW and GS

July 2020

To Kirsty, Alison, Ellie, Carol, Nicole and Nicky,

Thank you for being simply the most wonderful teachers to both L and O, we could not have wished for more kind, caring and fun people for our precious babies to be with. To leave them with you and walk away knowing they will be looked after as well as being at home was always so reassuring. I can't believe our time with you has come to an end, thanks for all the memories, we will miss you . You are all amazing.

So much love 

S, A, L and O F

July 2020

To Alison, Kirsty, Ellie, Nicky , Carol and Nicole,

Thakn you for being my best teachers, i will miss you so much and i will miss going on a bear hunt. I am so sad to leave you all. I wish i could stay for ever. But I want to say thank you to you all.

lots of love and hugs 

T S 

July 2020

To Carol Barrel and the team

I want to thank you, so so much for supporting me and I through so much. I loves comnig to preschool and is sad to be leaving, (so am I)

Thank you thank you

love MP and IPL

July 2020

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